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RTC Cup Thoughts

Published December 6th, 2020 by James Green

I’m a firm believer in controlling what you can control. It’s no secret that every quad non-Olympic weights have a decision to make in order to compete at the Olympic Games. I’m not sure if it’s easy for any one to truly decide. Do I go up or down 10lbs? If I go down, can I compete with the same effort and energy? If I go up, can I move the bigger guys like I’m accustomed to? Is there enough time to make the proper adjustments needed? Prior to Covid, I was committed to going up to 74kg. It’s December 5th and I find myself wrestling at 68kg. Even though it was a 3hr weigh in, there was a significant difference from my 2016 performance when we were still in night before weigh ins. How do I feel? I feel great and I’m ready to commit to this process! I was going to wait until after the 8-man bracket to decide, but I want to put ever one on notice. 65kg ... I’m coming.

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